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Where safety and security meet. The prepare. respond. recover. podcast features industry experts talking about the tools you need to make your organization more secure and resilient, all while minimizing operational disruptions and ensuring public safety in this ever-changing world.

Join host Todd De Voe as he and his guests discuss how to stay secure and resilient all while maintaining operational continuity and ensuring public safety in this ever-changing world.

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EPISODE 9: A First Responder’s Story of Resiliency and Hope with the Challenged Athletes Foundation

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) supports hundreds of permanently disabled athletes through grants and training programs. One of their programs, Operation Rebound, works solely with military personnel, veterans, and first responders. Before even leaving the hospital after the loss of his leg, Chappie Hunter, a San Diego Police Officer was approached by CAF to be part of Operation Rebound. This podcast focuses on how even if times are dark and hope is fading, personal strength, resiliency, and a supportive community can lead one out of darkness.

EPISODE 8: Beyond the Glitz and Glamour—Security and Safety in Hollywood

Security on a Hollywood production lot has come a long way from just guns, guards, and gates. Today, an all hazard, global threat approach is employed to not just secure “inside the gates” but a wide reaching world beyond the production lot. Jeff Reider, VP of Global Threat and Emergency Management at Paramount Pictures joins us to talk about his team’s role in protecting the studio lot, off site productions and events, and in the current pandemic state how employees are working from home. From natural disasters, overzealous fans, and even IP leaks from a set, you’ll hear how the role of the “security guard” has changed dramatically. 

EPISODE 7: Rethinking Readiness, Bringing Lessons Learned in Disaster Recovery into the Mainstream

While traveling and learning new cultures in South and Central America, Jesse Levin saw a need in a market and capitalized on it. Using his natural entrepreneurial skills, Jesse started a cultural mediation firm in Panama, working with local indigenous populations. This experience sparked a career in disaster relief that brought Jesse and his firm, Tactivate, to Haiti, Puerto Rico, and other disaster zones. Now, Jesse is using the knowledge learned in these situations to rethink and rebrand readiness for local communities. His newest venture, The Readiness Collective, looks to disrupt the prepper model and create resilient communities that leverage every person’s unique skills.

EPISODE 6: Tribal Nations and Emergency Management, a Closer Look at the Choctaw Nation

Tribal lands hold unique challenges for emergency managers. Jeff Hansen, Director of Emergency Management for the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma joins us to discuss some of these challenges. From jurisdictional issues to managing relationships with the federal government, Jeff talks about how the Choctaw Nation is handling the current pandemic, infrastructure development focusing on preparedness, and piloting drone programs in tornado alley.

EPISODE 5: How the Restaurant Industry Has Adapted to Survive During COVID-19

Many can argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected small businesses tremendously but restauranteurs have been hit the hardest. Limitations on restaurant capacity have forced restaurant owners to be nimble and innovative during these challenging times. In this episode, we speak with Linda Kavanagh, former chef and founder of Max Ex Public Relations on how the hospitality industry has adapted during COVID-19. From outdoor dining to changes in menus, and creative solutions for food delivery this episode discusses continuity planning to help restaurants and other hospitality businesses build towards a stronger more resilient future.

EPISODE 4: How Uber Leverages Technology to Ensure Safety and Security

Uber’s former Director of Global Security, Carla Gray, joins the podcast to discuss the company’s role and importance in emergency management. Uber keeps the safety of their customers and drivers top of mind whether it’s helping people evacuate during a natural disaster or as a transportation source during a global pandemic. Carla discusses the need to develop strong public and private partnerships and the importance of leveraging new technologies to advance emergency and community response in the last mile. During this unique time, when faced with COVID-19, civil unrest, and an abundance of natural disasters, the security team at Uber has been tasked with being nimble and creative, showing incredible resilience.  NOTE: At the time of recording Ms. Gray held the title of Director of Global Security for Uber.

EPISODE 3: One Tiny House at a Time, Building Community and Bringing Hope

In 2014, Gabrielle Rapport, Founder and Executive Director of Operation Tiny Home, set out to help one veteran battling PTSD and housing instability. That one simple act led to a mission and the creation of Operation Tiny Home. After teaming up with Tiny House Nation star, Zack Giffin, Operation Tiny Home has helped veteran communities across the country build hope and reintegrate into society after years of service. Through workshops, grant programs and the support of individuals and corporations the organization has assisted veterans, tribal nations, and those impacted by natural disasters. When all hope seems lost their mission and their tiny homes have brought communities together, built resiliency, and instilled belief one 2x4 at a time.

EPISODE 2: Continued Service in a New Uniform

David Burke, Team Rubicon’s Senior Vice President of Programs and Field Operations, joins the Prepare. Respond. Recover. Podcast in time for Veterans Day. David tells us about his service in the Marine Corps and how through continued service in disaster response, he found a new uniform as a Team Rubicon Greyshirt.

EPISODE 1: Keeping Your Business Valuable During a Crisis, Why Planning Matters

For our first episode we welcome Ambi Silk, Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Mohinder Kainth, Senior Global Risk Consultant both from CyberCX.  CyberCX provides business continuity services for a range of global clients including RELX and its exhibitions subsidiary Reed Exhibitions, host of this podcast. Ambi and Mohinder dive into a range of topics including the current COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain management, the importance of the “pivot”, risk management for your staff in the office or working from home, and more. The episode wraps up with the importance of a robust incident management plan using the real-life example of when Reed Exhibitions employees were in Las Vegas for one of RX’s largest trade shows during the 2017 mass shooting.