Live, engaging webinar experiences with detailed knowledge from an array of business continuity and disaster management experts on the biggest trends and challenges our industry is facing today. We break it down with simple, real-life examples and provide instructions and key takeaways on how to meet these challenges with available tools and resources.


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Emergency Management: A View From The Top


Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for the President of the United States? 

Leadership is the core of Emergency Management. Todd De Voe, Craig Fugate, and Pete Gaynor take center stage at the Natural Disaster and Emergency Management Expo for a captivating conversation on what it is like to work for the President of the United States. Both speakers will share eye opening experiences from two of the nation’s top agencies: FEMA and DHS. Craig Fugate and Pete Gaynor have both served as FEMA Administrators and Mr. Gaynor also served as the acting Secretary of Homeland Security. Join us in-person or virtually for a truly unique experience to hear insights from national emergency management leaders who have worked on both sides of the political aisle. The keynote session will be moderated by EM Weekly’s podcast and webinars host, Todd De Voe.

Featuring: Craig Fugate, Former FEMA Administrator under Barack Obama, Craig Fugate Consulting LLC, Peter Gaynor, Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security and Former FEMA Administrator under Donald Trump, Senior Vice President and Director, National Resilience Response and Recovery Programs, The LiRo Group

Moderator: Todd De Voe, Host, NDEM's Prepare.Respond.Recover Podcast, EM Weekly, Business Continuity Today

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Supply Chain Resilience When Disaster Strikes

This webinar will focus on healthcare supply chain, its role in disasters and why supply chain resilience and the ability to anticipate and react to disasters is important in the midst of a crisis.

Nicolette Louissaint, Executive Director, Healthcare Ready

Leadership and Decision Making in Disaster Recovery
JUNE 2021

Most government-operated disaster recovery efforts in America are failing. Disaster impacted communities often become siloed and lack the network required to learn from existing best practices. This leaves the workforce without the tools they need to assess community needs, develop an action plan, contract for services, or implement recovery efforts at scale. Additionally, after a disaster, it takes 12-18 months for long term government recovery programs to get started and the majority of these programs are slow to serve the most vulnerable populations post-disaster. This means that many communities are still trying to rebuild 10 years after a disaster. This is unacceptable as a nation.

Despite disasters occurring more frequently and with greater severity, we have not seen significant improvements in the efficiency or predictability of government-run programs. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of sharing of information and best practices between successful recovery programs and recently impacted communities.

In this webinar led by JR Sanderson, SBP's Senior Government Advisor, attendees will learn about common success factors and pitfalls in CDBG-DR programs. JR will also share insights from his time as the Director of the South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office which managed over $300 million in federal funds for recovery after the 2015 Severe Storm and Hurricane Matthew.

Rethinking Readiness in the Face of 21st-century Disasters
APRIL 2021

Join us for an interactive discussion with Jeff Schlegelmilch, research scholar and the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University’s Earth Institute, author of Rethinking Readiness, and DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at Reed Exhibitions to discuss rethinking readiness in the face of 21st-century disasters, COVID-19 and beyond. From health care to infrastructure to national security, systems designed to keep us safe have also heightened the potential for catastrophes. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the constant pressure of climate change, geopolitical conflict, and our tendency to ignore what is hard to grasp, exacerbates these potential dangers. This webinar discussion will highlight opportunities to build resilient, adaptable, and sustainable systems so that we can be better prepared to respond to and recover from future crises. The webinar will also feature a live question-and-answer session. This NDEM Webinar is in partnership with the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Earth Institute, Columbia University.

This NDEM Webinar is presented as a part of ISC News’ Global Security Week virtual event, taking place April 27-29, this 3-day event will expand industry insights and learnings on security and public safety themes across international borders.